Who We Are

4K-MEMS Sàrl is developing unique solutions to NIR emission devices. Founded on the principle that technology should be elegant and accessible, 4K-MEMS strives to offer solutions designed to make personalized NIR sensing accessible to all. It starts with a unique emission source, powerful enough to enable new paradigms. 

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4K-MEMS Leadership

Inspiration. Dedication. Passion.

Joost Berting

Chair of the Board

Matthias Imboden

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ross Stanley

Chief Scientific Officer & Partner


4K-MEMS relies on a growing team of experts and advisors. 

We strive to be an inclusive team. Diversity in thinking leads to better outcomes on all levels. Every team member has the opportunity to make a meaningful impact as together we push technology beyond today’s limits.

Andrea Dunbar

Business Development & Strategy

Matthias Huser

Electrical Engineering

Nora Benei

Optical Engineering

Lucien Jeandupeux

Electronics test and Evaluation

Job Opportunities

Seeking top talent to grow the team. 4K-MEMS strives to build an inclusive, collaborative work environment that elevates every team member.
We will be hiring over the coming months.

Business Development

Coming soon.

Financial Officer and Operations

Coming soon, part time.

Test & QC Engineer

Coming soon.

Electronics and Optics Engineer

Coming soon.