It all starts with light…..
Broadband infrared light. 

Smartphones & Wearables

Chip scale spectrometers can disappear into smartphones and wearables. Their full potential is reached with the best possible illumination source. 4K-MEMS emitters integrate seamlessly with today’s smallest spectrometers, enabling novel methods to track your workout by monitoring hydration levels and lactate concentration on the go.

Embedded Spectroscopy

Identifying and analyzing the materials and contamination allow machines to make smarter decisions.

Examples include smarter robo-cleaners, reactive washing machines, and optimized process controls system. Critical information is generated where and when it is needed. 

Environmental Monitoring

Infrared gas sensing technology plays a vital role in environmental monitoring of gases, water, and soil. By utilizing the specific absorption properties by different molecules, infrared sensors can detect and quantify a wide range of chemicals present in the environment. 

These sensors can be deployed in industrial settings to monitor the emissions of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, methane, and volatile organic compounds, helping to identify potential sources of contamination.

Machine Vision

Imaging hardware combined with powerful AI software enables in-line quality control. Robots can see beyond the visible spectrum, thereby identifying defects and hazards, improving yield, optimizing production processes, and preventing harm.

Robotic harvesters can identify food quality as it is picked and packaged, adding value and minimizing waste. Automated plastic sorters can distinguish between the large variants of plastics , enabling the efficient recycling needed to build a sustainable economy.

Hyperspectral Imaging

Why take a picture when you can have a spectral map?

Matching cutting edge hyperspectral imaging systems with customized lighting allows the users to see beyond color.

A picture may be a thousand words; a spectrum is a thousand pictures. IR light can be used to see more deeply and more broadly, providing mew insights about the world we live in.

Material Research

The patented 4K-MEMS technology can be used to study materials in new ways.

Understanding how how heat, mechanics, and light interact gives us insights into material science and new tools to optimize new materials development.