Embedded infrared lighting solutions

Too small to see
Too bright to ignore

4K-MEMS Mission

4K-MEMS Sàrl develops disruptive miniaturized light sources enabling new architectures in machine vision, hyperspectral imaging, and portable spectroscopy. Our revolutionary light sources are designed for deep integration in embedded analysis modules. 4K-MEMS provides NIR/SWIR integrated lighting solutions needed for these emerging applications.

4K-MEMS addresses the growing need for quality broadband IR illumination, resulting from the recent technology breakthroughs in IR detection, chip-sized sensor modules, and evaluation algorithms. Soon, chemical identification will become ubiquitous in consumer electronics – including cell phones. 4K-MEMS will help make that happen. 


Our Technology

Too small to see, to bright to ignore. 4K-MEMS emitters are designed with the smallest possible footprint. Technology should be elegant and discrete, disappearing when not in use, but dependably enabling – on demand – the desired functionality.

Our light source solutions do just that. We build lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with tomorrow’s sensing platforms.  By customizing the illumination to the application, our emitters set a new standard for infrared lighting.  The micro-emitters are based on inspired designs, novel material development, and cutting edge wafer level micro-manufacturing processes.

 Broadband IR, where you need it, when you need it.

In the right light it all makes sense.