4K-MEMS Technology

Chemical analysis using light

Perfecting broadband emitters

Protecting innovation

Why Infrared?

What is special about infrared light?

With visible light, we can see the color of an object. By analyzing reflected or transmitted  infrared light, we can “see” the chemistry within. NIR in particular can be used to identify and measure organic materials, plastics, and the presence of water.

Currently, NIR is used in industrial environments to sort plastic or analyze feed quality. In the lab, new applications are continuously being developed and may soon find their way to commercial and consumer applications. 

The Mid Infrared spectrum ranges from 3 to 8 microns. Here quantitative gas sensing is possible as a result of absorption bands. An important example is carbon dioxide, absorbing at 4.3 microns.   

The possibilities are endless. 

Light Detection

The use of NIR light is only possible if it can also be detected. New NIR detector technologies are being developed, making the NIR spectrum more accessible than ever.

New applications are emerging with the proliferation of InGaAs and extended InGaAs cameras. The development of high-efficiency, low-cost detectors covering the visual to three micrometer spectrum brings within reach sensing opportunities previously impossible. A matching source allows future analysis platforms to fully leverage the new detectors.

Light Generation

Higher quality broadband NIR light results in a higher quality spectrum, containing more reliable and actionable information.

Traditional IR spectroscopy uses tungsten sources not suited for embedded systems. LEDs, exceptionally performing in the visual ban, are ineffective in generating broadband illumination and at longer wavelengths become increasingly inefficient.

4K-MEMS emitters cover the entire NIR/SWIR electromagnetic spectrum, and extending into the visible and mid infrared, bridging the gap between visual LEDs and longer wavelength thermal emitters.

4K-MEMS Emitters

Chip size emitters generate near infrared light.

  • Emission band: 0.8-3 microns

  • True broadband

  • High efficiency

  • Minimal footprint, SMD format

  • Lambertian emission profile

  • Modulated or continuous emission

  • Low cost

  • Accommodation by the modular design of a range of sizes, architectures, and emission powers

Dynamic IP portfolio

Ideas matter. 4K-MEMS products are built on disruptive innovation. Our patents ensure that we stay ahead of the competition. Continuous innovation and a dynamic IP strategy ensure a pipeline of next generation IR emitters.

Six patent families covering:

  • Core technology, covering how light is generated
  • Enhanced efficiency, making the emitters the best possible solution for integrated broadband IR sources
  • Novel packaging, enables simple optical integration and efficient light to sensor coupling
  • Applications

We are just getting started. Our growing IP portfolio is paving the way for future product lines.